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Managed IT Services

Managed Services are contractual IT services paid for on an annual or monthly basis. Global has a broad range of Managed Services ranging from Global being an extension of your warehouse for offsite storage to full disaster recovery plans. We’re also available as your dedicated IT team.

Global Asset’s Managed IT Services can provide stressed-out IT staff with real-time relief. We offer high-end expertise to help you manage your infrastructure while providing a friendly voice at the end of the line. By helping manage day-to-day maintenance and support responsibilities, organizations are able to run their businesses safely and effectively.

With Managed IT services, organizations stay up-to-date with the latest business technologies without adding expenses. Managed IT clients receive enterprise-scale IT support and regular maintenance upgrades to their IT infrastructure.

Since Managed IT services allow businesses to hand over the responsibility of infrastructure issues, connection problems and software downtime to a Managed Services provider they’re no longer tasked with patching together solutions or crossing their fingers to hope this next fix is the right one. With the burden of office support taken off the shoulders of your internal tech department, your IT team is able to focus on efforts that move your business forward, like building a technology roadmap and implementing vital initiatives to reach your intended goals.

Let Global Asset do what it does best so you can do what you do best, and not worry about IT.