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Complete Managed Cloud Services

Guiding Principles

We know business owners only care about 2 primary aspects when it comes to IT: security of your data and employee productivity. With growing cyber threats, you want to make sure you’re protected and want the reliability and tools in an IT solution that can enable your employees to be as productive as they possibly can each week. Knowing this, we provide complete infrastructure from the data center to what sits on the employee’s desk, an entire productivity suite, robust managed security, and 24x7x365 U.S. based support; everything you need and want to start leveraging technology as a strategic advantage on a simplified, predictable pricing model.

Rethinking IT

A Revolutionized Approach to Buying, Accessing, and Maintaining Your IT Environment

  • COMPLETE INFRASTRUCTURE: Never worry again if you have the right infrastructure in place or paying to keep it updated. Brand new servers, LAN equipment, employee desktops, infrastructure and security software, and backups are included, along with covering local internet.
  • PRODUCTIVITY SUITE: Everything your employees need to ramp up collaboration and stay productive with internal text and video chat, secure sharing, and email archiving and search tools.
  • MANAGED SECURITY: Best in class managed security suite including private data center environment, DNS and content filtering, host-based intrusion detection, log archives, 24×7 security operations center, multi-factor authentication, secure email protection, and employee cyber security awareness training.
  • 24X7 U.S. BASED SUPPORT: 24x7x365 U.S. based help desk and local onsite support.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

AI is a hot technology right now, but let’s talk practically about what our Avatara Intelligence (AvI) is intended to do: Automatically resolve issues without a human but with a human touch, expose business owners to key productivity data of their employees, and seamlessly connect every aspect of a company’s IT environment. Our AvI is constantly developing and improving, and there are two key ways that we are collecting data so our AvI can self-learn and then improve the user experience before they even realize there was an issue:

  • Human Interaction Analysis: Our software analyzes each call, text, and chat interaction that a client has with a support agent to identify common issues and then we use that data to build new bots that will proactively eliminate those issues without a customer ever having to pick up the phone and tell us.
  • Data Analysis: There are 8 million lines of code produced a day from our client base that AvI is collecting and reviewing so we can identify areas we can enhance performance and improve productivity. This aggregation of data enables us to create bots to target these issues before a user may ever even experience a problem.

Take Advantage Of Our All-Encompassing Cloud Solution –

All For A Single Cost Per-User Per-Month That Can Scale Up Or Down Monthly – Typically Around The Same Cost As You Are Paying For Full Outsourced IT Support Alone

Cloud Desktop
Our flexible solutions include a private cloud IT infrastructure and a robust cloud desktop.

Cloud Backup
The easiest and most cost-effective way that businesses can perform disaster recovery.

Cloud Collaboration
State-of-the-art virtualization software makes it easy for people to take advantage of extra benefits.

Unlimited Storage
Save any file of any size in our data center. We’ll open plenty of space to store anything your business needs regardless of quantity.

Cloud Mobility
With all your data residing in SSAE 18 redundant data centers, your business gains full mobility. As long as there is an internet connection, you can access your computer, even if you use CAD applications.

U.S. Based 24×7 Support
Call us any time there is an issue with your network. We provide 24/7 U.S. based call center support to help troubleshoot and alleviate any issues you may be experiencing.