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Asset Disposition

What is IT Asset Disposition?

The risk-free, start-to-finish, legally compliant processing of end-of-life or retired technology assets.

IT Asset Disposition no longer has to be an area of concern.
Any organization that uses technology has to deal with the difficulty of disposing of IT assets after their useful life is complete. Global Asset IT Asset Disposition provides a safe, environmentally-friendly program to solve the problem.


The useful life of an IT asset is often extended well beyond the needs of the original owner. Remarketing experts at Global Asset have developed channels for older IT assets to find new homes so these assets are able to extend their usable lifetime.

How does this benefit your organization? It means more value. Our programs often allow the organization disposing of the product to receive credit if the assets are remarketed.

Environmental Pledge

Our goal is to ensure the company’s facility and operations arecompliant with Environmental Protection Agency and ISO 14001 standards and Responsible Recycling’s management strategies. We are dedicated to responsible recycling in all facets of the reuse and recycle management strategies in both our onsite activities and our selection of downstream vendors.


When you are ready to retire IT assets, we take it from there. We’ll schedule our expert asset removal team to come out and remove, package, and transport.


Our recovery team evaluates assets to determine if there is still sufficient value to justify refurbishment or other recovery alternatives. Our goal is to maximize the value of each asset both to us and our recovery customer.



Once the equipment is received at our facility we will audit, remove asset tags, wipe data, and prepare it for the next stage of recovery or recycling.


We provide detailed information on our recovery jobs along with certificates of data destruction. Many of our programs actually return money back to our customers. What’s better than getting paid to dispose of your old IT assets?